OZTENT RS-1 KING SINGLE SWAG massive sale now$450 limited stock

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The OZTENT RS-1 King Single Swag is the ultimate one-person shelter. Using our innovative 30-seconds folding frame, the RS-1 Swag easily sets up and packs down within 30-seconds, giving you extra time and headspace to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Made from waterproof and fire-retardant Ripstop polyester material, the RS-1 Swag provides a fast and effective barrier to the elements. The Series II version of the OZTENT RS-1 Swag comes with a thicker 40mm mattress to make falling asleep as easy as the 30-seconds setup. Extra ventilation has been built in to maximise comfort.

30-seconds setup 
Large, integrated awning 
Comfortable 40mm mattress included 
Certified fire rating to CPAI-84 
Additional venting at head and foot
Integrated toggles to hold LED lights under the awning 
Sleeps 1 (king single