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The Brampton three room tent offers excellent headroom throughout. It boasts four large windows and four large Omega doors to give maximum ventilation and cooling for hot Australian summer nights. Internal windows & door covers allow ready privacy and also provide protection from drafts on cold winter nights. The three side wall panels on each side can be erected as a single awning providing extra shade. The large end doors can also be erected as an awning and can have the Optional Awning Side Walls fitted for extra shade or protection.

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The Brampton is a three room tent that offers excellent space and headroom throughout making it an excellent family tent.  The two end rooms measure 210cm x 280cm and do not taper in at the ends which maximises internal space.  Although large, it is simple and quick to erect.  The three panels on each long side can be erected as an awning either together or singularly as can the two end doors.

Dimensions 600 (l) x 280 (w) x 210 (h) cm – all dimensions are measured internally
Sleeps Up to 12 people
Water Head Guaranteed 2000mm+ water head for excellent rain protection
Ventilation Very large windows and doors for superior ventilation
Pole System Strong spacious and easy to erect Hornet Pole System
Awning End door and full side awnings with height adjustable awning poles – optional awning sidewalls available for end door awnings
Security Door locks for added security
Mesh No-see-um ultrafine mesh to keep even the smallest bugs out
Extra Features Pre-tied guy ropes with zippered storage pockets, power cord access x 3