OUTDOOR CONNECTION ARIA ELITE 2. Tents up to 45% off our normal price, in-store only. Our in-store prices are amongst the lowest in the country….. Therefore the products on our website that do not have a reduced sale price will be reduced in-store.


Inflatable Air Pole Instant Up Two Room Family Tent with Air Pole Technology. Easy set-up in about ten minutes ‘from bag to ready to move in”. Quicker and easier to erect than traditional ‘Instant Up’ tents.


Ventraflow panels, large windows and doors for cool comfort. Spacious tent with lots of headroom. Privacy screens on all windows and doors. Large awning. Camp with ease and security.

Manufactured from superior, stronger and more waterproof fabrics and material, this Aria Elite 2 Tent with two spacious bedrooms plus a large awning provides a real feeling of plenty of room for all the family and privacy when it is needed. The generous peak height and high near-vertical side walls provide plenty of walk-around headroom. The extra height in the tent also helps maintain a cooler environment.

The large three pole awning with optional sidewalls means that the awning can be left erected when it is raining and you can still sit out and enjoy the outdoors. Large doors, windows and Ventraflow complete the detail aimed at making your family holiday as much fun and as comfortable as possible.

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