Run Time:

– 1 Hour High (both burners)
– 5 Hours Low
Fuel Type:
Total Output:
– 24,000 BTU’s
– 12,000 per burner
– 7.1kg
38.5 x 17.5 x 69cm

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HyperFlame is Coleman’s new technology that brings unrivalled innovation to outdoor cooking. Hyperflame provide 2 x faster boil time versus a standard burner. It also eliminates the need for side wind blocks.

– WindBlock technology provide 360 degree wind protection and fits larger pans
– Downward stair stepping burner design reduces the flames exposure to the wind
– Uniform holes through out the top of the burner heater a larger surface area
– Larger diameter burner provide wider heat distribution
– Will fit two 30cm pots side by side
– Heavy duty locking and latch sand shock absorbing bumpers
– Fully adjustable independent burner controls
– Heavy duty 3 piece pivoting handle
– Non-skid feet
– Includes hose – 3/8 fitting