BREAKAWAY 4V DOME TENT. Tents up to 45% off our normal price, in-store only. Our in-store prices are amongst the lowest in the country….. Therefore the products on our website that do not have a reduced sale price will be reduced in-store.


Four person quality dome tent. Designed to provide a great value durable tent for singles or couples wanting a comfortable secure stay. Front and Rear D-Doors for easy access and great ventilation. Windows and doors fully screened with quality Durafine No-See-Um insect screening. Front vestibule for extra storage of boots or wet gear. Outdoor Connection superior waterproofing ensures you will stay dry over an enjoyable comfortable breakaway.
The Breakaway 4V is manufactured to the same high-quality standards as all other more expensive Outdoor Connection tents. It is NOT cheaply manufactured – Just down-specified a little, mainly in terms of ‘bells and whistles’ as compared to our more expensive ranges.